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Central Bel’ameth

In patch 10.2.5, night elves moved in to their new capital city called Bel’ameth, meaning Arms of the Goddess in Darnassian. To celebrate, there are several night elf transmog items scattered around the new zone. These cosmetics are obtainable and transmoggable by both Horde and Alliance characters. Additionally, they are account bound meaning you can send them to an alt if your current class cannot wield them. All new items will be covered in this article as well as in the video embedded below.

How to get to Bel’ameth

To start, we must first travel to Bel’ameth. There are several ways to do this. For Horde, the most efficient way is heading to your main city of Orgrimmar. (Or if you’re a druid, use your Dreamwalk ability to go to the Emerald Dreamway.) Next, find and enter the Mount Hyjal portal. This portal is not in the portal room but rather in a circle with other Cataclysm portals.

Coords: 51.1 38.3
/way #85 51.1 38.3
Portal to Mt Hyjal for Horde

Once you’re at Mount Hyjal, face the front entrance of the Nordrassil Inn. The portal should be on the right side, directly next to the Stormwind portal.

Coords: 62.5 22.7
/way #198 62.5 22.7

For Alliance, the most efficient way to get to Bel’ameth is by starting in Stormwind. Then, head to the portal room located in the Mage Quarter. When you make it to the main portal room, look straight ahead. There are two sets of stairs flanking the main water feature that has Maginor Dumas standing in front of it.

Stairs on the left and right sides

Pick a side and climb the stairs. You’ll be introduced to a new section of the portal room. Head straight then turn left and you should see the Bel’ameth portal!

Another option available to both factions is by starting in Valdrakken. Once you’re there, fly to the Ohn’ahran Plains. Keep heading west, past the open world Emerald Dream and you will eventually make it to Bel’ameth.

Flight from Valdrakken, through the Ohn’ahran Plains and on to Amirdrassil.

Night Elf Transmog Treasures

There are 11 total cosmetic treasures you can find scattered throughout Bel’ameth. Below is a map and coordinates for all of them. I will also go more in depth on their locations below.

Correction: Kaldorei Shield should actually be Night Elven Shield!
TomTom waypoints for all Night Elf transmog treasures

/way #2239 54.69 77.2 Blue Kaldorei Bedroll
/way #2239 52.54 17.72 Blue Kaldorei Backpack
/way #2239 58.43 51.87 Night Elven Horn
/way #2239 49.14 70.33 Night Elven Signal
/way #2239 31.3 16.12 Kaldorei Bow Carver
/way #2239 48.28 76.4 Violet Kaldorei Pouch
/way #2239 55.3 64.31 Blue Kaldorei Pouch
/way #2239 47.88 56.85 Night Elven Shield
/way #2239 53.46 55.73 Night Elven Spear
/way #2239 51.89 5.89 Kaldorei Sentinel’s Spyglass
/way #2239 29.04 28.83 Night Elven Bow

Night Elven Shield

The Night Elven Shield is located northeast of the letter H in Bel’ameth. It is found leaning up against a box right next to the mining trainer, Periale.

Shield transmog preview

Night Elven Spear

This item is located in front of Keen-Edge Hall where many Sentinels are training. It’s leaning up against the front right pillar of the structure.

Spear transmog preview

Night Elven Horn

The horn is found at the top of the Dawning Watchtower on top of a chest, very close to Commander Jarod Shadowsong.

Offhand transmog preview

Night Elven Signal

You can discover this cosmetic at the Terrace of the Moon, hanging on top of a light. The light is found at the top of some stairs on the right side. It is directly across from Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem.

Offhand Transmog preview

Violet Kaldorei Pouch

This item is also found at the Terrace of The Moon. It is leaning against a rock near a large archway with some lanterns hanging off of it and a moonwell.

Offhand transmog preview

Blue Kaldorei Bedroll

The Blue Kaldorei Bedroll is found on the ground in the Root-Bound Sanctuary. It is between some containers and a small table with two chairs. There’s also a moonwell nearby.

Back transmog preview

Blue Kaldorei Pouch

This pouch is sitting on top of a barrel on the left side of the house that has three portals in it. It’s also close by Archmage Mordent Evenshade.

Offhand transmog preview

Blue Kaldorei Backpack

This backpack is on top of a chest inside the large building in Belanaar before the docks start.

Back transmog preview

Kaldorei Sentinel’s Spyglass

This item is also located in Belanaar at the very end of the dock on top of a chest. It is right before the boat.

Offhand transmog preview

Kaldorei Bow Carver

This dagger is found at the top of the Twilight Watchtower in Arlithrien Lodge section of the map. It is on a table with some scrolls and other daggers near Talanis Nightsbane.

Dagger transmog preview

Night Elven Bow

The Night Elven Bow is located in the northeast section of the map in the Arlithrien Lodge. Upon entering the lodge, the bow is to the left on a weapon rack between a glaive and a spear.

Night Elven Bow circled
Bow transmog preview

Vendor Transmog Items

There are three other new night elf transmog items that can be bought from Quartermaster Moon Priestess Lasara located in the Terrace of the Moon. She is east of where Tyrande and Malfurion are standing and slightly south of Bel’Ameth on the map. Horde players will not be able to interact with her to buy these items.

Coords: 46.5 70.6
/way #2239 46.5 70.6

The three items are the Darnassian Tabard, Darnassian Cloak and Darnassian Moonsilver Spaulders. They cost 250 Dragon Isles Supplies each.

Darnassian Moonsilver Spaulders
Darnassian Cloak
Darnassian Tabard

Enjoy your new transmog and thanks for reading!

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