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Blue Marsh Hopper

Guide The Blue Marsh Hopper mount is an expensive mount that can be purchased from Gottum in a hidden cave…

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Trained Rocktusk

Guide The Trained Rocktusk mount is awarded from the Stables building in your WoD Garrison after completing 10 daily training…

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Great Greytusk

Guide The Great Greytusk is a guaranteed drop from the rare spawn, Gorok. Gorok spawns in Frostfire Ridge in Draenor and…

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Mechacycle Model W

Guide The Mechacycle Model W mount is obtained by completing the Mechagon meta achievement, Mecha-Done. This achievement is comprised of…

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Noble Flying Carpet

Guide The Noble Flying Carpet mount can be found in "Loot-Filled Basket" dropped from Daetan Swiftplume which is a Noblegarden…

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Scrappy Worldsnail

Guide The Scrappy Worldsnail mount is purchased from Dealer Vexil in the Waking Shores for 1000 Magmotes. Prerequisites To begin…

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Morning Flourish Dreamsaber

Guide The Morning Flourish Dreamsaber mount has a low chance to drop from Gigantic Dreamy Bounty in the Emerald Dream.…

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Sulfur Hound

Guide The Gold-Toed Albatross mount can be purchased from Provisioner Qorra in Tyrhold Reservoir, Thaldraszus for 3000 Paracausal Flakes. Alternatively,…

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