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Amber Scorpion

The Amber Scorpion can be purchased from Ambersmith Zikk for 8000g, who can be found in Klaxxi'vess within Dread Wastes…

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Child of Torcali

Guide The Child of Torcali mount is raised by horde players in a series of daily quests in Zuldazar. 1)…

Landlord Landlord

Vicious Skeletal Warhorse

The Vicious Skeletal Warhorse mount is a Horde only PvP mount and is sold by Deathguard Netharian for a Vicious…

Syiler Syiler

Duskwing Ohuna

Guide The Duskwing Ohuna mount can be purchased from Celestine of the Harvest for 1000 Dreamsurge Coalescence. The Dreamsurge is…

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Noble Flying Carpet

Guide The Noble Flying Carpet mount can be found in "Loot-Filled Basket" dropped from Daetan Swiftplume which is a Noblegarden…

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Scrappy Worldsnail

Guide The Scrappy Worldsnail mount is purchased from Dealer Vexil in the Waking Shores for 1000 Magmotes. Prerequisites To begin…

Saskia Saskia

Morning Flourish Dreamsaber

Guide The Morning Flourish Dreamsaber mount has a low chance to drop from Gigantic Dreamy Bounty in the Emerald Dream.…

Saskia Saskia

Sulfur Hound

Guide The Gold-Toed Albatross mount can be purchased from Provisioner Qorra in Tyrhold Reservoir, Thaldraszus for 3000 Paracausal Flakes. Alternatively,…

Saskia Saskia