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Valarjar Stormwing

Guide The Valajar Stormwing mount has a small chance of being of being inside the Valajar Strongbox which is the…

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Clutch of Ha-Li

Guide The Clutch of Ha-Li mount has a chance of dropping from the rare Ha-Li which only spawns during the…

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Dark Riding Talbuk

Guide The Dark Riding Talbuk mount is purchased from a vendor after completing a rare garrison table mission that can…

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Breezestrider Stallion

Guide The Breezestrider Stallion mount is purchased from a vendor after reaching exalted status with the Voljin’s Spear faction (not…

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Boulder Hauler

Guide The Boulder Hauler mount is purchased from Ponzo in Zaralek Cavern for 170 Barter Bricks or 85 Barter Boulders.…

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Loyal Magmammoth

The Loyal Magmammoth mount can be obtained after reaching maximum reputation with both Wrathion and Sabellian in the Obsidian Citadel…

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Cataloged Shalewing

The Cataloged Shalewing mount has a 4% chance to drop from Researcher's Gift received at the end of the Researchers…

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Bestowed Ottuk Vanguard

The Bestowed Ottuk Vanguard mount is obtained by completing the Valdrakken Accord themed meta achievement, Flight Club. This achievement is…

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Bestowed Ohuna Spotter

The Bestowed Ohuna Spotter mount is obtained by completing the Waking Shores themed meta achievement, Wake Me Up. This achievement…

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